Checklist of ITR forms for filing income tax returns AY2017-2018

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 ITR Forms for filing taxes (AY-2017-18)


This is a time for filing income tax returns so if you are filing taxes then you need to know about the income tax forms and its applicability.

Income tax returns should be filed every assessment year by individuals, companies, entities who readily pay their taxes on time every financial year.

Filing you income tax returns on time as a responsible citizen is a must to avoid heavy penalty charges by the government.

You can file your income tax online anytime and anywhere which is simple and easy to use.To file your taxes you should also have the knowledge about the income tax forms and documents required for the process.

For the checklist of document visit:

Here is a list of various income tax forms and its applicability.

ITR-1 (Sahaj):



Income tax returns form 1


ITR Form 2:


Income tax return form 2




Income tax return form 2A


ITR Form 3:


Income tax return form 3


ITR Form 4 & ITR Form 5:


Income tax return 4


ITR Form 6:


Income tax return 6


ITR Form 7:


Income tax return form 7



You can also upload form 16 online and file your income tax returns:

Upload form 16:

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