ITR 3 Form

ITR 3 Form

                    Income Tax Return

ITR-3 Form:

ITR-3 is a new form introduced this year by the income tax department and substitute of old ITR-4 form which is to be used by individuals and HUFs for filing income tax returns.


Eligibility for ITR-3 Form:


This income tax return form is used by HUFs and individuals which come under these following categories:

  • Partnership in a firm.
  • Income by a means of interest, salary, bonus, remuneration, commission as a partner.
  • Income through Profits or Gains of business or profession.


Structure of ITR-3 Form:


Part-A: General Information

Part-A-BS: Balance Sheet as on 31st day of March,2017 of the proprietory business or profession.

Part-A-P & L: Profit and Loss Account for the financial year 2016-17

Part-A-OI: Other Information

Part-A-QD: Quantitative Details

ITR-3 form Part-A

Part-B-TI: Computation of Total Income

Part-B-TTI: Computation of tax liability on total income.



Schedule S: Details of Income from Salary

ITR-3 Form Schedule S

Schedule HP: Details of Income from house property

Schedule BP: Details of Income from business or profession.

Schedule DPM: Depreciation of plant and Machinery

Schedule DOA: Depreciation on other assets.

Schedule DEP: Summary of depreciation on assets.

ITR-3 Form Schedule DEP

Schedule DCG: Deemed Capital gains on sale of depreciable assets

ITR-3 Form Schedule DCG

Schedule ESR: Deduction under Section 35 or 35CCC or 35CCD

income tax return form Schedule ESR

Schedule CG: Capital Gains

Schedule OS: Income from other sources.

Schedule CYLA: Details of income after set-off of current years losses

Income Tax Return Form CYLA

Schedule BFLA: Details of income after set-off of brought Forward losses of earlier years.

Schedule CFL: Details of losses to be carried forward to future years.

Income Tax Return Form CFL

Schedule UD: Unabsorbed depreciation and allowance under section 35(4)

Income Tax Return Form Schedule UD

Schedule ICDS: Effect of income computation Disclosure standards on profit.

Schedule 10A: Deduction under Section 10A

Schedule 10AA: Deduction under Section 10AA

Income Tax Return Form 10AA

Section 80G: Details of donations entitled for deduction under Section 80G.

Schedule 80-IA

Income Tax Return Form Schedule 80-IA

Schedule 80-IB

Schedule 80-IC or 80-IE

Income Tax Return Form Schedule 80IC

Schedule VI-A

Schedule AMT: (Computation of Alternate Minimum Tax payable under section 115JC)

Income Tax Return Form Schedule AMT

Schedule AMTC: (Computation of tax credit under Section 115JD)

Income Tax Return Form Schedule AMTC

Schedule SPI

Schedule SI: (Income chargeable to tax at special rates)

Schedule IF: (Information regarding partnership firms in which you are partner

Schedule EI: Details of Exempt Income

Income Tax Return Form Schedule EI

Schedule PTI: Pass through income details from business trust or investment fund as per section 115UA,115UB

Income Tax Return Form Schedule PTI

Schedule FSI: Details of income from outside India or tax relief

Income Tax Return Form Schedule FSI

Schedule TR: Summary of tax relief claimed for taxes paid outside India

Income Tax Return Form Schedule TR

Schedule FA: Details of foreign assets from any source outside India

Schedule 5A

Schedule AL: Asset and Liability at the end of the year (other than those included in Part-A-BS) (applicable in a case where total income exceeds Rs.50 lakh)

Income Tax Return Form Schedule AL


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