Income tax returns documents

Income tax required documents

Checklist of documents required for filing income tax returns

The due date for filing income tax return is nearing which is 31st July so you need to know about the various important documents required in details for filing your income tax returns.

Have you collected all the documents required for filing income tax returns? If not, then you should do it as early as possible to meet the deadline of due date before it gets too late for the process. We should avoid rush up the things at the last moment for filing income tax returns as it only makes the things complicated.

We are mentioning all the important documents required while filing your income tax returns.

Form-16 received from your employer:

Form-16 is applicable only for salaried employee. If the taxpayer is a salaried person and employer has deducted TDS on your salary then he will issue you Form-16.

Form 16 A received from Banks:

Form 16 A is the TDS certificate regarding tax deducted at source by other deductors like banks or other institutions on the interest/commission that you have earned during the year.

PAN card:

This is a very important thing which is required while filing your income tax returns.

Bank Statement:

  • Interest income statement for fixed deposits
  • TDS certificates issued by banks and others.
  • Bank statement/passbook for interest on savings account.

Investment Proof

If you have done investment under Section 80C then you have to submit Section 80C documents. Investment options under section 80 C like PPF, NSC, ULIPS, ELSS, and LIC qualify for deductions.

Home loan certificates:

If you have taken any home loan for buying your house, you should collect all the documents and home loan details, interest certificates.

Advance Tax:

If you have paid any self-assessment tax or any advance tax, you need the respective challan to fill in the respective details in your income tax return or ITR form.

Property Details:

If you have bought or sold any property during the financial year, you need to have details while income tax returns.

Form 26 AS:

It shows tax deducted and deposited on your behalf by the deductors, details on tax deposited by taxpayers and tax refund received in the financial year.

So keep these important documents and filing income tax returns will be an easy task for you. You can also contact a tax professional throughout the process which will make the filing tax returns process smoother.

You can upload your form-16 on TruTax portal which makes the filing of income tax returns very easy, convenient and fast.

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