5 Important points for easy e-filing income tax returns:

e-filing income tax returns


The due date for filing income tax return is  31st July and people are busy in collecting every details or documents required for filing taxes online.There are huge benefits of filing income tax returns online rather than doing it manually like rectification of errors, quick refund,e-verification, access to the records etc.

The due date which is 31st July for filing taxes is approaching.

So why not to file your income tax returns online?

We will discuss 5 important points for easy e-filing income tax returns.

Collect form 16 from your employer:

It is a very important document for filing taxes online which contains most of the information required to file income tax returns.If you have worked with more than one employer during the financial year then you need to collect this form from both the employers.You can upload form 16 on TruTax and file your income tax returns in 2-5 minutes which is easy and convenient.

Form 26AS:

It contains details of all the TDS linked to your PAN.form 26AS contains all the details of tax deducted at source on interest income, salary, other investments and other related information.

PAN card:

It is very important to mention the PAN card details while filing your income tax returns.Your personal information mention in income tax return should be same as that mentioned in the PAN card.

Aadhaar Card:

The government has made mention of Aadhaar card mandatory while filing income tax returns.If you do not have then make sure you apply for the aadhaar card for filing of income tax returns.

Collect proof of investments:

If you have done any investments then you can include it at the time of filing of income tax returns.If you have not declared investments to your employer for any reason then deductions will not appear in form 16.For any eligible investment made before 31st March of the year, a deduction can be claimed and your total income will be reduced to that extent.

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