Bulk Discount Pricing for CA, Accountants, Tax Return Preparers, and Small/Startup Companies

Filing only your Income Tax Return?

Bulk pricing rate.

  • 20 Tax Returns: Rs.150
  • 70 Tax Returns: Rs.100
  • 120 Tax Returns: Rs. 75
  • 200 Tax Returns: Rs. 50
  • 1000 Tax returns: Rs. 35
  • For more Bulk Tax returns: Contact us for pricing

For filing bulk tax returns, write to and mention how many tax returns you want to e-file.

You can pay by Cheque, Debit/Credit Card or Netbanking.

What kind of Tax Returns can be bulk filed?

Types of Income Tax Return can be filed: ITR-1, ITR-2, ITR-3, ITR-4S, ITR-4

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