Upload form 16

How to Upload form 16

Form-16: Upload form 16 is a form that is used as a certificate from the employer which validates that the Tax is deducted from the salary and is submitted to higher authorities.

It contains the valid information which is necessary to file your ITR.

Upload form 16


Form 16 is issued once a year before 15th June of the immediately following financial year of your tax deducted. Form-16 is divided into two parts which are Part A and Part B.

If you lost your form-16 by mistake then you can get another copy of it from your employer who has issued you the form. Both parts include the following information:

Part A: Part A contains the following information:

  1. Full Name and Address of the Employer
  2. TAN and PAN Number of Employer
  3. PAN of the Employee
  4. Summary of tax deducted and deposited quarterly, which is certified by the Employer


        Part B: Part B contains the following information:

  1. The detailed breakup of the salary of the employee.
  2. Deductions allowed under the income tax act (under chapter VIA)
  3. Relief under section 89


There are few details required from Form-16 while filing your return. These details are as given below:

  • Taxable Salary of an employee
  • The breakup of Section 80C Deductions
  • The aggregate of Section 80C Deductions
  • TDS (Tax Deducted at Source)
  • Tax Payable or Refund Due
  • TAN Number of Employer
  • PAN Number of Employer
  • Name and Address of Employer
  • Current Assessment Year
  • Your (Taxpayer’s) Name and Address
  • Your PAN Number

Upload Form 16 Online: You can upload your Form 16 online it’s very easy simply visit the Online ITR filing website and upload a copy of your Form 16 in the form of PDF or Doc.


No need to add anything manually. Just log in to the Online ITR filing website and upload it, all the information will be fetched automatically.

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