Last date for filing of Income Tax Returns is 5th Aug(Saturday)

free income tax e-filing in India

The Income Tax Department had recently extended the deadline to 5th Aug for filing the Income Tax Returns.

There are two ways to file the income tax returns online. In one method individual can download the applicable form from the Income Tax e-filing website, fill the form offline, save it, generate the XML file and then upload it.

Another way for filing the income tax returns online is to fill the data directly in an online form and then submit it.

There are some important things to do by taxpayers if they have already filed the income tax returns or not yet filed the ITR.

If you have not yet filed your income tax returns:

  1. Link your Aadhaar and PAN:
  2. Keep relevant documents for filing income tax returns.
  3. File your income tax returns on time to avoid penalty.

If you have filed your income tax returns:

  1. Verify your return:
  2. Keep tabs on intimation status.
  3. Income Tax refund status.

File your Income Tax Returns Today:

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