How to File Income Tax Online?

How to File Income Tax Online?

Paying Online Income Tax from time to time is a duty for any individual taxpayer through Onlne, there are many taxpayers who have already paid their taxes and filed for How to File Income Tax Online? for the assessment year 2021-22.

How to File Income Tax Online


Online Income Tax payment has made it now easier than ever to easily and efficiently pay taxes and file a return online through laptop or Mobile.

How to file Online Income Tax?

  1. Login with required documents
  2. Enter the personal information
  3. Enter salary details
  4. Enter details for claiming a deduction.
  5. Enter details of the taxes which are paid
  6. Enter bank details and proceed to e-filing
  7. E-verify online income tax return

Advantages of Filing Online Income Tax Return


The process of how to tax return used to be exhausting as well as difficult but with the introduction of income tax online filing, The burden has decreased. The method for the filing of Online Income Tax returns helps an individual. 

Once you have logged in to your account. Click the “e-file” button and select the “Income Tax Return” options.


  • The task is rapid as you will face less crowding on the  Government website. Which tends to delay as the final date approaches.
  • Not filing the income tax return on time can lead to disadvantages of penalties for every day. The payment is done. Filing of income tax online filing return offers you the suitability of filing your returns on time anytime and from anywhere you wish to.
  • Filing of Online Income Tax helps you keep a record of all the financial transactions with the IT Department in a well-organized and good way.


  • Whenever an individual or an organization. Pursues a loan from any bank or financial institution. Proof of income is mandatory. This record can be your proof of income. 

Sep 30 is the final date to file your taxes. Contrary to what many tax-payers think, filing your income tax returns is actually a simple process.


Online Income Tax paying has been got more easy and relevant. You can file your returns online from your home.


When you pay your tax through How to File Income Tax Online.? returns, you must register yourself on the Income Tax department website and have a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).


For this, log in to the IT website and go to Profile Settings and click on Register DSC. If you do not have a DSC, you must mail the form to the tax department processing center in Bengaluru after you e-file your tax returns through Online Income Tax.

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