Special Allowances And Deduction U/s 10

Under Section 10, individuals are given certain special allowances for the amount they spent for specific purposes. Apart from the net salary, an employee receive various allowances for specific purposes …

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How to file IT return for previous years?

Before getting to the point, it is required to understand the meaning of following terms: Belated Return:                              If you file your income tax return after due date(31st March Of …

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Checklist of documents required for E-filing income tax return

The due date for filing income tax return is nearing which is 31st July so you need to know about the various important documents required in details for filing your income tax returns.

Have you collected all the documents required for filing income tax returns? If not, then you should do it as early as possible to meet the deadline of due date before it gets too late for the process.

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