Benefit of Income tax refund

Benefit of Income tax refund

The income tax India has been a prominent player in giving benefits and refunds to the identities who have been filing the income tax return on time and are doing enough to be eligible for it. Here is the process of an income tax refund that could make you eligible for the same.

Section 139(1) of the income tax act says that each earning identity whether it’s a being, company, or a firm if its total income crosses the line of the maximum amount which is not chargeable to income tax, it will have to file an income tax return.

Also, the identity shall enjoy the benefits of filing the return before the deadline in terms of refunds if he or she is eligible.

Generally, the refunds rise in cases where the amount of tax paid by identity is greater than the amount which they should be properly charged, as per the Income Tax and other Direct Tax laws. The same is noted under Sections 237 to 245 of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


The following points make you eligible for an income tax refund in India:

If you have paid more tax while filing your income tax online than you were supposed to pay on the basis of self-assessment, you can apply for a refund and get the difference amount refunded.

If a situation where your tax deducted at source (TDS) from your earnings like securities, dividends, salary, or any other sources crosses the total of your payable tax based on the regular assessment, then you are eligible for an income tax refund.

If you have a source of income that is foreign-based or operates outside the borders of India and is taxed by the government of the region it is being generated, then it avoided being double-taxed or makes you eligible for a refund.

Errors on the income tax website are surely one of the biggest factors that allow you to be eligible for income tax refunds and deductions in the income. Filing an online income tax return can surely make you suffer a glitch in the IT return filing.

While filing your income tax return if you find out that the initial amount you have to pay comes down to be negative as total after considering the taxes you have already paid in different forms or the income tax deductions are part of your filing then it makes you eligible for a refund.

In cases such as you have investments that offer types of multi-tax benefits and income tax deductions in your filing which have not been declared yet.

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