Last date for filing of Income Tax Returns is 5th Aug(Saturday)

The Income Tax Department had recently extended the deadline to 5th Aug for filing the Income Tax Returns. There are two ways to file the income tax returns online. In one method individual can download the applicable form from the Income Tax e-filing website, fill the form offline, save it, generate the XML file and […]

E-filing Income Tax Return-ITR form 1(Sahaj)

  There have been several changes in income tax filing rules in the past one year which every individual should know before e-filing income tax returns. Individuals having PAN have to link it to their Aadhaar number from July to complete the process of filing income tax returns. The last date of filing income tax […]

8 mistakes to avoid while e-filing your income tax returns

The last date for e-filing income tax returns notified by the income tax department is 31st July for individuals. When you file your income tax returns try to avoid the common mistakes which can results in losing refund, paying the penalty and face prosecution. We are discussing 8 common mistakes which should be avoid by […]

ITR forms changes and guide to fill the forms

Income tax returns filing process has been started and last date for filing income tax returns is 31st July. The government has made Aadhaar number mandatory for filing income tax returns after 1st July. This year government has made important changes in ITR forms which every taxpayer should know to avoid any problems in future. […]

Claim benefits on reimbursements while filing income tax return.

  The due date for filing income tax return is 31st July which is round the corner and it is essential for everyone to file their income tax returns on time to avoid any penalty.Before filing your income tax return do not forget to claim benefits on your reimbursements. To claim the benefits on reimbursements […]

5 Important points for easy e-filing income tax returns:

  The due date for filing income tax return isĀ  31st July and people are busy in collecting every details or documents required for filing taxes online.There are huge benefits of filing income tax returns online rather than doing it manually like rectification of errors, quick refund,e-verification, access to the records etc. Please follow and […]

5 reasons to file your income tax returns early

  Has your employer handed over your form 16 for income earned and tax deducted during 2016-17 for which you need to file your tax returns this fiscal? In case you have not handed over Form 16 it is time to remind your employer since already a few weeks of the new financial year has […]

Income Tax Act-Section 234A,B and C

  Under the income tax act,different types of interests are levied for various kinds of delays/defaults.In this article we will discuss interest payable under section 234A,234B,234C of the income tax act for default in furnishing return of income,default in payment of advance tax and deferment of advance tax. Please follow and like us:

Save taxes on HRA (House Rent Allowance)

  HRA (House Rent Allowance) is the major component of salaried structure for the employees. It is a part of the salary unlike basic salary, is not fully taxable. According to the income tax act part for the HRA gets fully exempted under section 10(13A). The amount of HRA exemption is deductible from the total […]

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